Personal Enrichment

Word of God Christian Center offers a vast array of workshops for practical application in everyday life.  WGCC offers classes in the following areas:

  • Home buying
  • Budgeting
  • Estate Planning
  • SAT/ACT Prep
  • Effective Study Habits
  • Credit Improvement
  • Starting a Business



Cake, Coffee and Conversation (WIM)
Cake, coffee and conversation satisfies ones taste buds and stomach but it can satisfy the soul as well.  Cake, Coffee and Conversation (CCC) is an outreach that has grown out of a mentoring class. The goal of Cake, Coffee and Conversation is to encourage, edify and enrich women.


Looking for an outlet outside of church?  WGCC has a cell group for you!  Whatever your interest, WGCC has a group that seeks fellowship will staying Christ Centered.  For more information about the cell groups click on a link below.


Sunshine Band

The Sunshine Band is a children’s ministry that encompasses ages up to 12 years old.  The primary focus of the sunshine band is to teach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities.  The sunshine band encourages a partnership between home and church to strengthen the spiritual foundation of each child